Finding Online Work

Have you just started looking for online work or have you been searching for quite a while now?

As I have mentioned in my bio, I spent the first part of my search making pennies and it can be frustrating. I tried survey companies like Cashcrate, Swagbucks, Inboxdollars, and more years ago, because as I searched for making money online, that is what came up, and I thought I could make a few extra bucks on the side. I did make a few dollars with these companies, but it was not worth my time to make less than a few dollars a day.

I sold on ebay for a while, and I did make some money, but not enough to continue with it. I didn’t find it very enjoyable either. So I kept searching over the years and trying new things. I believe over the past few years, more opportunities have presented themselves online, and depending on your interest and skills, there are definitely legitimate ways to make money and work online.

So you want to work online. How do you find work?

Legitimate Online Jobs

I have done so much research over these years, so I will only list the online work opportunities where it is possible to be successful and make a decent side income or eventually turn into a full-time income.


Virtual Assistant

Freelance Writer

Website Designer

Graphic Designer

Amazon Seller

Ebay Seller

Sell Photos


Create Online Courses

Search Evaluator

Sell Your Art Online

Freelance Websites

Finding online work on freelancer platforms

You can also search the most popular job websites such as

Affiliate Marketing